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Are you ready for a new look ?

Have you looked in the mirror and are just not feeling the look that you having going on right now ? I know I have waken some mornings and decided I needed a change. I get it, sometimes the changes you need are more internal than external. Just by changing something small on the outside can make a huge difference or give you that baby step you needed to take.

By adding a couple of highlights around your face can boost your confidence to get that job or give you the courage to go and speak to that person you have been admiring. A nice haircut and blow dry can leave you feeling like you are living in the clouds. I love the way I feel when i get my hair done. The best part I am able to pass that feeling on the others.

In this video my client and I are just having a good time while I refresh her color. I am in a new location since this video was done. You should come by and check out my new location (In the contact section). Be ready to leave feeling better than you came in. See you in my chair !

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